Putting it Together – Frost it Upside Down!

Frost it upside down?  What kind of sorcery is this?!  It’s actually a pretty simple and effective technique to get smooth sides and clean edges.  So far in the April series of videos, we’ve created tutorials for creating a Simple, Delicious, Modified Box Cake; Easy and Fresh Strawberry Filling; and Light & Fluffy Swiss Merengue Buttercream.  This is the week that we put it all together and by using the upside down method, we achieve a gorgeous, professional quality, finish.

Before we get into the tools and the video, let me say that as I’m editing these I’m definitely noticing a difference in both me and Ana during the taping.  We’re both just a little more relaxed, Ana is participating (watch her hand, as she grabs some cake scraps and listen her her moans of what I can only assume is ecstasy as she’s eating it behind the camera) and we’re both having a better time overall – Thank goodness – that “deer in the headlights” look had to go!  The editing still needs work, I’m starting to get the hang of it, and will be working to improve the transitions for the May batch of videos, we certainly hope you’re along for the ride!

There are some tools I use every single time I frost a cake (you recognize a lot of them from Rho’s Top Tools for Home Bakers – Part 2, and they’re linked here again for convenience:

Also, as a bonus – if you’re interested in that GINORMOUS serrated knife I show at the beginning of the video, it’s from Fat Daddios.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!  Please don’t be shy about questions or comments, either here, or on our Facebook page, we love to see your finished products and chat with you about ongoing projects or questions!